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Re-Finding Yourself with Soulspension

Lisa Moncalvi

Shamanic Yoga and Imaginal Mindfulness TeacherMilan

How I got to Soulspension

I first encountered the SoulSpension in February 2020 when I shared a Shamanic Yoga seminar with Patrizia: I was immediately intrigued by the object itself but also by the comfort that emanated when Patrizia performed movements with her arms and legs... Only months later I met a fellow Guardian who was training to become a Postural Suspension Instructor and her words and enthusiasm immediately infected me... so I decided , without ever having tried it, to contact Patrizia to start training.

Why use Soulspension

We live a daily life with assembly line rhythms: work, school and family do not often allow us to express not only our potential but ourselves coherently with our true nature.

The self-care supported by the media and the dominant narrative is based on and has as its objective the reinforcement of the ego which, little by little, risks making us slaves to consumption of objects, food, news, thoughts. For a large part of people, it is also impossible to be able to stay in contact with nature, losing that connection to natural rhythms and values that reverberate in tired, alienated, rigid and sometimes unhappy bodies.

Stress is an integral part of our life and is also expressed as a result of the lack of true restful sleep and healthy, nutritious food. A subtle but fundamental effect of the anxiety-inducing attitude of our society is contracted breathing: we do not use more than 30% of our lung capacity... we don't even notice that we are not breathing, we only grasp the effects that we find in chronic fatigue, in thoughts redundant, in frequent anxiety attacks and much more.

How to make a change in your existence without entrusting your well-being to others, relearning to know ourselves, to understand what our true needs to give a profound meaning to the little daily things that are now a source of worry... like enjoying our relationships starting from ourselves...

Creating space, creating a detachment between us and what happens outside and inside us to watch as spectators, as witnesses, the game of life, the game of roles and personality, more or less impressive events. Soulspension suspends our" stay" as if we were floating in the water completely abandoned, willing to open our hearts to welcome and to open our subtle senses to "see" our truth.

By positioning yourself on the instrument, the body stops resisting, reconnects with the magnetism of the earth, is gently opened, oxygenated, stimulating complete and deep breathing, and is transported in a spherical time rich in messages and intuitions... In this way we develop a healthy rooting that leads us not to resist our life experience but to savor it, going beyond judgment and above all awakening from automatisms.

The simplicity of Soulspesion also recalls the essentiality in life, a now forgotten value: much of our mental and emotional confusion comes from spaces full of things, from artificial electromagnetic waves , from dozens of devices for training or meditating, from crystallized thoughts and worries.

This tool is simple, intuitive, light as our approach to life should be. Practicing meditation in this way means bringing the attitude of peace, kindness and compassion into the world, raising our vibrations: those around us will benefit from the energy we transmit and soul after soul will change everything by overcoming conditioning and pre-packaged ideas.

Working with Soulspension is discovering how our organism works and how all levels of existence are interconnected: an example is the vagus nerve, so studied at the moment, which represents one of the systems for regulating our general well-being and managing stress in a favorable way. Soulspention stimulates and lights up the vagus nerve session after session and a growing state of relaxation is perceived that invades life, choices, thoughts, relationships.

Self-observation allows all of us to understand that everything is fluid, impermanent and to go beyond the mental impression of fixity and rigidity, giving the perspective of the possibilities that bring creativity and connection between us and the world, between us and our essence.

Another aspect, among the many, which in my opinion places Soulspension as a fundamental tool for our holistic well-being, is its versatility in integrating with own practices and with one's usual self-care activities such as Yoga, Pilates and meditation but also to cool down the body after physical activity, relax before and after heavy days, realign oneself to have a restful sleep. The practice is 100% personalized. As soon as you master the instrument you experiment, you play until you dance on it.

My experience with Soulspension

I have been teaching Shamanic Yoga and Imaginal Mindfulness for a few years and as soon as I positioned myself on the SoulSpension I perceived the scope of this tool which I do not feel exaggerated in considering a real Instrument of Power because it vibrates and resonates immediately with us... In fact, during the training seminars, I felt that its vibration fits perfectly into my body, or rather, into all my bodies, especially the subtle, energetic ones.

Thanks to the breath and the realignment of the spine, the SoulSpension creates a space that allows intuition, energy and vision to emerge: breath after breath, starting from the physical body that opens and relaxes, I evoke the most crystallized images of my existence, dissolving them, remaining in total abandonment to what is, to the here and now.

The true meaning of health by integrating Soulspension with personal practices

Feeling good does not mean not feeling pain, not feeling blocks but perceiving the state of oneself in this moment and "being" in every cell, breath, contraction, pulsation, vibration, emotion, sensation. I started using Soulspension three times a day, adapting the various practices learned with Patrizia to the needs of the moment: in the morning practicing awakening the body with exercises to open the heart and release the shoulders and pelvis; in the afternoon with meditation and exercises to reactivate energy after a day of work to still be clear-headed for family commitments and in the evening meditation and recitation of the mantras learned on my spiritual journey to welcome sleep in a relaxed but aware way.< /span>

The impact of postural suspension practices and the lightness of these reconnection appointments have accompanied me since winter and represent essentially and joyfully precious opportunities to remember myself.

Thanks to its conformation the body goes into neutral in a very short time producing sensations of real well-being and connection, because cells, tissues, organs, muscles, tendons, bones are deeply oxygenated and therefore detoxified from carbon dioxide, lactic acid and oxidative stress. At the end of my session I feel my face, my mouth and even my scalp relaxed, relaxed, joyful and when I follow people who use Soulspension I see their radiant skin, lively eyes, dignified posture.

My studies and my work with yoga, mantras and meditation have fit perfectly into the practice of Soulspension because the space, the emptiness created by deep relaxation it facilitates the journey inside and outside oneself in an extraordinary way.

The physical body, which represents what is most concrete and tangible for us, is stimulated with exercises for the neck, shoulders, back and legs traveling through sensations that we usually escape such as pain or physical tension: with each repetition of the exercise combined with conscious breathing the body opens, oxygenates and becomes flexible, harmonious and you perceive that in addition to the contracture and rigidity there is it is still the possibility of feeling, of moving, of healing.

Experiencing heat and freshness, rigidity and softness, contraction and expansion gives us a perception of our body in progress, in perpetual change, in search of the harmony that arises from the peaceful coexistence of opposites.

Practicing Postural Suspension allows us to overcome the attitude of control and management of pain or discomfort by spontaneously encouraging an attitude of exploration, curiosity and openness : we are gently guided to stop being afraid, to remodulate anxious states, to look less to the future to enjoy the present.

Practicing beyond the false awareness of ourselves allows us to quickly touch, even for people who do not meditate habitually, a bit of our divine, of our essence: to remain in these other states of awareness it opens up further possibilities, gives us access to our intuitions and reconnects us to what never changes... our self.

From this center, from this oasis of peace in which we are observers of the spectacle that is our existence, we can finally "see" with the subtle senses what is denied to us by deceptive physical senses: in meditation images, memories, dreams and emotions arrive which are the symbols that the soul uses to communicate with us, mental beings, to lead us towards the realization of the full and conscious experience of our existence.

The complete yogic breath on Soulspension sends us into cardiac coherence in just a few moments, a state in which every part of our body resonates in vibrational harmony, functioning with minimal effort and releasing wellbeing hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin: with the back raised from the ground in a sort of magical suspension, gravity acts as a further factor of relaxation, grounding and expansion at all body levels.

The mind slows down its thoughts in a few moments until it creates a void which becomes the place where the release of tensions and meditation takes place. In this precious space, thanks to the teachings I have received, it is possible to practice the Reabsorption of Reality in a fluid and spontaneous way, working on the images of the day and of life in general to pacify and untie the knots of our family and work relationships, of traumatic and impressive experiences. , of repressed and unaccepted emotions.

Here is the self-healing that passes from the body, from its relaxation and its purification to reach our soul, to the realm of intuition, to the connection with the highest intentions , to the reunification of opposites, leaving the attachment to fixed ideas about us as people and as a physical body, about life and relationships.

This instrument takes us into the flow of existence, makes us feel the vibrations of the internal organs, the pulsating life in the bones and cells: guided by specific meditations, both static both dynamic, we can observe the body from the inside in every part up to the DNA to restructure and regenerate the relationship with our external and internal world.

Personal feedback on Soulspension

What I love about this tool: I simply lie down on the SoulSpension and find:

  • the deep and immediate connection with myself on a physical-corporeal level and on a spiritual-energetic level;

  • the versatility of its use, back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, internal organs;

  • transportability as it is light, foldable, discreet, colourful;

  • thanks to its ability to realign the spinal column, it communicates with the meridians including the triple heater and that of the bladder, with the pineal gland, with the vagus nerve. All this even without doing complex exercises but simply breathing, lying down, and following your instincts or relying on the simple precautions learned during training or integrated with your own knowledge;

  • the sensation of regaining a power understood as empowerment, a power of self-healing, a strong sense of completeness and competence towards myself.

Soulspension is able to guide me towards the practice best suited to me at that moment or to combine different needs in a few minutes (treat the shoulders or stomach, empty the mind, awaken energy) ... In reality, when I get on the Soulspension, time expands and I undertake a shamanic journey beyond linear time, beyond seconds, minutes and what happens around me.< /p>

Mini path of Imaginal Mindfulness and Soulspension

Together with several work colleagues (my main job is a nursery school teacher), I experimented with meditation and some mantras combined with Soulspension exercises in order to leave to go, to be with what is, to rediscover kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others (who are nothing other than our projection...). I proposed four sessions, one of which was individual and in presence to practice with Postural Suspension together with Meditation, applying in particular the Reabsorption of Reality: the individual meeting allows a very personalized practice, based on the person's perceptions, emotions and predominant events as well as a time for listening to personal narration.

The other 3 meetings held in 3 weeks in a small group had the aim of practicing together, rediscovering the sense of sharing and belonging that the pandemic made us sacrifice for many months: the practice was the same for everyone with a final relaxation combined with a meditation to pacify and let go of what we project outward every moment, loading events, people, memories of interpretations that almost always create painful knots. For continuity between one meeting and another I have provided audio with the guidance of postural exercises and a short but intense meditation with simple but powerful mantras.

In the Imaginal approach, in fact, there are meditative techniques, specific breathing and mantras to encourage detachment from our perceptions linked to the ego and automatisms. In the space created by the profound relaxation of the physical body thanks to Soulspension, it is even more effective to unravel and dissolve the interpretations of reality and finally choose the type of narrative we want for our existence. The knowledge transmitted during the meditative phase promotes awareness of the sacred which leads to the perception of non-duality and unconditional and non-egoic love towards ourselves, others and Creation and, last but not least, the possibility of choosing narratives different from the dominant one mental and linear.

Feedback from the mini path of Imaginal Mindfulness and Soulspension

Here are some sharings on the work that we have done together with our fellow educators by combining the practice of Soulspension with Imaginal Mindfulness and the recitation of some simple mantras.

No. nursery school educator: "After an intense day of work at school both physically and emotionally I feel regenerated. Soulspension is simple to use to relax the body while helping to clear the mind. So you free up space in your body and mind like when you defragment your cell phone. The meditations are very beautiful: applying the reabsorption of reality with respect to personal events is useful in general to elaborate states of agitation linked to the sensation of the day considering that tensions reside and are fixed on the body... working on the body and freeing thoughts it is more lucid and less compressed. Soulspension is a means that helps the body to relax and if you use this state to do meditations it helps a lot to achieve this goal."

M. Middle School Teacher: "The instrument gives me a feeling of relaxation even when I have neck and head pain, in a short time the muscles hold and the discomfort goes away: the sensation in a short time of practice is the melting of tensions in these areas and when I finish my session I only feel well-being and relaxation as if my whole back were lighter. In general I feel free and relaxed even when I simply stand over the instrument breathing. In fact, Soulspension helps me relax and concentrate on my breathing to ease contractures. The meditations have helped me even if when I have little time I do them only partially.

B. Nursery School Educator: "I used Soulspension almost every day alternating the practice of relaxation with weight and practices with arms and legs. With relaxation I noticed an improvement in knee pain, sciatic nerve pain and lower back pain. With the leg and arm practices I noticed an increase in energy and physical strength and greater muscle tone. I also used Soulpension after sporting activity to relax my muscles. Generally speaking, after use I notice an energy recovery and a completely changed mood for the better as well as a light head and no thoughts.< /span>


There are many ways to use Soulspension: suspended immobility to meditate, exercises to awaken and decontract the body, observe one's feelings by dancing and experimenting with asanas and postural exercises ...have fun!

I love this tool because it easily fits into daily practice, bringing beneficial effects on the body and mind. It is loved by children because it is intuitive and sweet, by animals because it changes our vibration bringing it to higher levels (since I added Soulspension my plants are even more beautiful!).

It's fun and safe, just a few indications on how to position yourself, leaving us great creative freedom dictated by listening to ourselves. Soulspension allows us to re-evaluate annoyance and pain as it changes the relationship with our body which becomes a laboratory for experimentation, the alchemist's crucible, an aspect of us to contemplate and honour... in any case we feel we live and love this physical body and not of being victims of it!

The deep state of relaxation and meditation that it gives us truly transforms everyday life because if we are less clouded by tiredness and stress, if we are oxygenated and open to the world we are present to ourselves, less victims of automatisms.

I recommend the training to anyone who wants to pass on these practices for the general well-being of people who, in short sessions, take back control of their lives with more love and compassion.

Even just the individual practice of Soulspension brings enormous transformations in the approach to corporeality and brings you closer to meditation in a sweet and natural way, blending harmoniously with whatever your daily practice is.< /span>


I thank my husband and my mother who lovingly gave me their willingness to experiment with my first Complete Postural Suspensions and to improve my approach to the person. Special thanks to Ivana who supports me in any project and to Barbara, Nadia, Rita and Miriam who participated in the mini-path sharing impressions, emotions and precious feedback.

I am happy and honored to have shared so much information and feelings with the training group, due to the lightness and depth of our exchanges: it was an experience that it changed my life. Finally, I am infinitely grateful to Patrizia for sharing so much during and after the Instructor Training, seeing in each of us a universe of possibilities and love.

I dedicate this thesis to my father, my grandfather Silvio and my uncle Marco who are for me the example of total dedication and unconditional love.< /p>

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