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Soulspension and mastectomy

When I left the hospital after the tumor and the breast operation, the most difficult thing was accepting the contraction, the tension and the inability to widen my arms and feel in harmony with my posture, I I literally felt blocked, my shoulders and arms were like wings that had closed.

I felt very sad, even breathing deeply was more difficult, and of course I couldn't do sports, all this didn't help my mood!

Until a friend lent me her Soulpension, from that moment everything changed and little by little, but quickly I was able to recover the movement of my shoulders and arms!

I'm really happy and Soulspension has become an inseparable friend who helps me release tension and lighten my shoulders every day! Thank you!

With Soulspension and the practice of Postural Suspension we are accompanying those who want to regain shoulder opening and amplitude in arm movements. Those looking for relaxation of the trapezius following a mastectomy operation.

The person, with audio video support, can independently choose the time they want to dedicate to these exercises and we see that in a few weeks they achieve the release of their shoulders and neck.

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