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Soulpension and Flower Therapy

Valentina Pagano, Counselor, Postural Coach, Floriterapeuta

Soulspension, a tool and method (Postural Suspension), created by Patrizia Gavoni, is extraordinarily effective for achieving emotional rebalancing, relaxation, psychophysical centering, as well as postural realignment, all this already after one session, with effects that last even up to a week.

Further improvements are then highlighted over time, through constant use, with sessions carried out once a week.

The action of Soulspension is to bring the musculoskeletal structure back to its condition of balance, through the reactivation of deep diaphragmatic breathing,

the release of muscle tension in the back, neck, periocular muscles, jaw, abdomen, rear leg muscles, with specific movements carried out slowly and stretching, also obtaining the mobilization of blood and lymph. Resting the back on the instrument creates space between the vertebrae ,

the spinal column is aligned, a self-massage is carried out on the points of the Urinary Bladder Meridian and with deep conscious breathing you enter a state of relaxation (due to the activation of the Parasympathetic System and in particular the Vagus Nerve). In this state of conscious, proprioceptive, non-judgmental presence,

with attention to the body and its signals, the mind becomes lighter and gives a progressive capacity for greater presence in the here and now. The practice of Soulspension therefore takes place on two levels, bodily and psychological. I can affirm that Soulspension alone is able to activate the body's natural self-healing ability,

but my training as a flower therapist pushed me to seek integration with vibrational medicine flower therapy remedies (Bach Flowers, Italian Remedies, Californian and Australian Flowers), so as to be able to amplify and consolidate the results obtained.

The resulting research is very interesting and involves the individual in his entirety, made up of body, emotion, mind, spirit. The activation of the transformation process therefore takes place from different access doors: the Soulspension one is more physical and that of flower therapy is more energetic.

I specify for clarity that both Soulspension and Flower Therapy have effects on the entire mind/body/energy system of the individual. I also specify that when I talk about physical, emotional, mind and body I do so always keeping in mind that they constitute a single psychosomatic unit, like communicating vessels,

which are only aspects of the same unity.

Mood and posture are closely related. Our mood affects our posture and, vice versa, our posture affects our mood.

Hence the importance of Bach flowers in bringing emotions back to the positive and consequently the muscular structure

skeletal to its equilibrium condition or to the best possible state (in the presence of consolidated pathologies).

As I mentioned previously, in a session the person rests, relaxes, breathes and is "reborn".

I will analyze the reasons why all this happens almost magically with Soulspension and I will make a few brief mentions of some of the most suitable floral remedies and waters for the chakras. I will talk about how Beatrice happily landed on Soulspension and with the help of Flowers she is achieved greater well-being,

greater body awareness and good posture. Beatrice arrives at the first meeting with her face pulled into a grimace, her eyes narrowed, her shoulders closed and her pelvis turned backwards. She complains of pain in her shoulders, tingling in her hands and she tells me that she has two cervical hernias. She also often suffers from stomach aches.

She is very tired and stressed from work. The posture (similar to that of the girl on the left in the photo alongside) reflects the negative psychological attitude of the person. In Beatrice's case, her negative mood and prolonged postural deviation caused hernias to leak.

After a few sessions of work with the Soulspension, Beatrice's new posture resembles that of the girl on the right in the photo alongside.1) Soulspension and Urinary Bladder Meridian.During the session Beatrice places her spine in the hollow of the Soulspension instrument,

inducing self-stimulation of the points of the part of the Urinary Bladder Meridian (VU), which runs symmetrically on the paravertebral muscles. The stimulation of the other points of the very long meridian is done with exercises and movements of the arms and legs.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the VU Meridian with its 67 points is the longest and most important in the body. Soulspension exerts pressure on the acupuncture points of this meridian. I am interested here in mentioning as briefly as possible the concept of meridian in modern scientific terms,

in order to better understand the functioning of Soulspension, acupuncture and flower therapy. To do this I can introduce the concept that our body is made up of 99% water molecules. It is known that the biological activity of proteins depends on the formation of a well-organized layer of water.

This layer of water is able to transmit information around the proteins themselves and control their dynamics. The water around cell membranes also has particular physical characteristics, such as reduced density, increased compressibility and viscosity. Biologists call it "interfacial" water.

The molecules are immersed in an electromagnetic field with which they resonate in coherent phase (they all have the same frequency and the same phase). Thanks to the specific properties of the chains of coherence domains, linked to the nature of biological water,

energy can travel along preferential routes (meridians) and be available for vital processes. We can imagine a sort of "internal light" which is energy stored by the system and usable to support its self-organization. The meridians are therefore dynamic paths like wave guides,

along which the flows of information and electromagnetic signals are dynamically maintained, thanks to liberons, energy packets that travel without dispersion until they are completely used. These paths can well play the role of meridians,

which thus become a privileged place where the special properties of interfacial water are manifested. With Soulspension, acupuncture, shiatsu massage, ultraweak radiation with millimetric wavelength, homeopathy, Bach flowers,

moxibustion obtains external pressures/stimuli on the paths of the meridians which induce the production of salutons. In Beatrice the energy is blocked due to stress, negative emotions. The pressure of the Soulspension on Beatrice's back is a stimulus that provides energy from the outside ,

induces the production of salutons and makes energy travel in the domains of coherence. The Soulspension therefore operates as a reorganizer and rebalancer of the frequencies that cross the VU meridian (we will see later how the latter have physical and psychic effects). The VU meridian begins from the lateral root of the nose,

it rises to the level of the internal corner of the eye, from where it rises along the forehead, the head and descends along the occiput. At the nape of the neck it divides into two parallel tracks that run along the back, the buttock, below which it reunites again and proceeds along the back part of the thigh, along the calf up to the external side of the foot,

to end near the corner of the nail groove of the little finger. Its internal path leads to the kidney and the bladder. Another internal branch enters the brain at the occiput, while a third branch reaches the ear.

Beatrice rests her occiput on the Soulspension spheres and her back on the two tracks up to the coccyx, touching and stimulating all the points of our meridian. Furthermore, the VU meridian occupies a particular position due to the so-called direct connection SHU points. In fact, each meridian has a point,

otherwise known as assent SHU points, of direct connection, located on the back, on the internal funiculus of the VU meridian, therefore not on one's own meridian. It is located on the dorsal segment corresponding to that organ that belongs to its meridian and is important both from a diagnostic and

and from the therapeutic one. (a disturbance of the relevant meridian in fact results from sensitivity to pressure). In case of chronic pain it is very effective to stimulate it. The psychic symptoms resulting from the malfunctioning of this meridian are: lack of strength or rapid exhaustion of the same, great weakness, lack of energy, fainting,

susceptibility, anger, fits of anger, restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, feelings of guilt. The physical symptoms are: gastritis and nervous vomiting, pain and feeling of tightness in the chest, all disorders of the lower abdomen and sacrum, pain in the back, hip, thigh, knee, foot and ankle.

If on a physical level reactivating the energy of the VU meridian allows you to eliminate or alleviate pain, on a psychic level the energy of the Bladder has the task of evacuating old patterns, the individual's deep memories, unconscious patterns, such as the individual's limiting beliefs, habits,

what has been transmitted to him (from generation to generation) helping the person to let go of everything that is outdated, is limiting, does not belong to him, discover the true self, flourish again and be free to flow with life.

For Beatrice's problems, the work with Soulspension is fundamental and the psychophysical transformations are then integrated with the work of Floritherapy. Soulspension, Bach Flowers, acupuncture, act not on the symptom but on the cause,

based on the holistic and also TCM principle according to which the majority of diseases originate from internal imbalances. While Beatrice lies down on the Soulspension and in doing so rebalances her VU Meridian, I administer the Bach Flower Binary identified by Kramer for this meridian: Centaury/Holly/Pine.

Centaury (for those who don't know how to set limits for others and don't know how to say no) – Holly (for anger) – Pine (for a sense of guilt). Typically, in fact, this mechanism is repeated for Beatrice too: she is always available, then yes he gets angry and then has excruciating feelings of guilt.

The somatization of these feelings of guilt has repercussions in the back through contractures and pain. The German physicist and naturopath, Dietmar Kramer has studied and verified a correlation between the tracks he created and the acupuncture meridians.

By administering an entire track (i.e. three flowers at the same time) a meridian is stimulated and therefore the energy is moved, obtaining an action similar to the effects determined by the treatment with acupuncture and in the case of the VU meridian by the treatment with Soulspension.

It seems that access to the energy system of our organism can work like a numerical key: by giving the exact combination, i.e. all three flowers of a binary, an imaginary "relay" opens and the information is transmitted to the energy system and therefore also to the body's regulation system with the vibrations of the flowers.

During the Soulspension session I often give Beatrice some remedies chosen based on the contingent state of mind to be transformed or the physical disorder to be treated (transpersonal application of the remedies), the topographical map of the skin areas according to Kramer or the kinesiological test ( the latter being my favorite).

To facilitate the release of muscular tension, I place drops of Dandelion (Californian remedy), Caper (Italian Flos Animi remedy, to help dissolve mental and physical rigidity) on Beatrice's forehead.

letting go of what holds back and is of no use and to flow) and Universal Remedy (Italian water remedy for the chakras – Fons Animi, gives strong centredness, increases rootedness, connection with the higher self and opens the heart in trust. posture realigns),

CK1 (Italian Flos Animi remedy to connect to mother earth and take root). Placed under the tongue or applied directly to the skin, floral remedies work in synergy with Soulspension. 2) Soulspension and deep breathing. Beatrice has superficial, thoracic or even clavicular.

In fact, emotional problems always lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of breathing. Even in Beatrice, negative emotions often cause apnea, and she finds herself blocking her breathing for a long time, without even being aware of it. Once she lies on the Soulspension Beatrice begins to relax and breathe,

to bring attention from the external world to the internal one. It begins with disciplined mechanical breathing, with the desire to breathe with the abdomen, leaving the chest and shoulders still. In this way Beatrice activates diaphragmatic breathing. The diaphragm is closely related to the psoas major and the quadratus lumborum,

two very important muscles for correct posture. Often when the diaphragm is contracted, it does not work as it should and these muscle chains also contract, with negative consequences for posture both at the lumbar level (directly) and at the cervical level (indirectly).

For all these reasons, diaphragmatic breathing also allows you to improve your posture over time. By performing the exercises on the Soulspension and breathing Beatrice allows her diaphragm to relax. When inhaling, the diaphragm descends, compressing the organs that are contained in the abdominal cavity (including the liver, stomach, intestines),

exerting very beneficial pressure, through a mechanical massage to all organs, promoting better intestinal movement, and also beneficially massaging the heart which rests on the diaphragm. With exhalation, the diaphragm descends and the compressed organs regain their lost space.

With Soulspension and deep breathing, Beatrice moves her cerebrospinal fluid (liquor), which is distributed harmoniously along the spinal column up to the sacrum, through the fascial system to the thin and continuous set of connective tissue.

The fluctuation of the liquid spreads throughout the body (there is continuity with the lymphatic system and all extra cellular liquids). The skull and sacrum are connected via the internal membranes that enclose the liquor, forming a real hydraulic system.

The membrane called dura mater completely envelops the brain and spinal cord. One of the most important functions of this system is to produce, circulate and reabsorb cerebrospinal fluid. Beatrice on Soulspension perceives that her feet, hands and belly are deflating,

a sign that the fluids in your body are redistributed as muscular tensions are released and breathing becomes more fluid and deeper. The lymph relies on deep breathing and physical exercise to move.

In this internal liquid, the exchanges of transfer of nutrients and the collection of waste substances take place. The lymphatic system manages the toxins that enter the body from external sources, such as food or environmental pollution,

but it also deals with internally produced toxins (endotoxins) which are the result of the body's normal metabolic processes. It is very important to have an optimal success of the Soulspension session to hydrate sufficiently both before and after the session.

To increase the elimination of waste, Crab Apple (Bach Flowers) can be added to the water. By breathing on the Soulspension, the negative emotions and somatized emotional conflicts in the abdomen are released and the pain attenuates or disappears. Stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, intestine,

they somatise intense emotions such as anger and fear, self-devaluation. To help the release, among the many possible flowers I can integrate with Jasmine (Flos Animi del Rimedi Italiani, for anger) or CK3 (water for the third chakra of the Italian remedies for all problems related to organs and to the discomforts linked to a disharmonious third chakra,

such as intolerance, animosity, competitiveness, egocentrism, need for control, disagreement, antagonism, frenzy), Potentilla (Flos Animi del Rimedi Italiani to regain self-confidence), the Pioppo Nero (Flos Animi del Rimedi Italiani, for fear) .3) Soulspension, Parasympathetic System and Vagus Nerve.

Soulspension rebalances the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system, restoring the person's adaptability, that is, the ability to react in the optimal way in every situation (for example, being still and calm in danger of one's life is crazy, being agitated at the table with own family is exaggerated).

There is a time to retreat and a time to blossom. Soulspension activates the parasympathetic system which supervises the vegetative functions in a state of quiet: therefore the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal muscles, promoting digestive functions also at the gastric, hepatic and pancreatic levels. Facilitates regular and deep breathing.

It is concerned with the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the bladder and rectum to stimulate evacuation. It maintains continuous and regular cardiac activity at a resting level. The deep breathing we have seen is of considerable importance because a large part of the Vagus nerve is connected to the respiratory system.

The Vagus nerve (from the Latin "vagus", wandering, wandering, changing) makes up the majority of the parasympathetic nervous system. It controls all the smooth muscles, innervating the stomach and abdomen, stimulating hydrochloric acid secretion and regulating digestion. It is responsible for the heart rate,

of gastrointestinal peristalsis and sweating.

Before starting work with Soulspension, Beatrice presented symptoms of vagal syndrome, the cause of which is not certain, but is often linked to stress and anxiety, muscle tension, vertebral misalignments (shifting of the Atlas), incorrect posture,

symptoms such as nausea, intestinal cramps, tachycardia, neuralgia, headaches, dizziness, fainting occur. With breathing carried out supine on the Soulspension (which keeps the shoulders, chest and diaphragm open) the correct alignment of the entire spinal cord, of the nerves that come out of it and the skeletal system,

the release of neck muscle tension, Beatrice also allows the normalization of the vagus nerve.

For Bea, the external environment is stressful or is in any case experienced as such. Stress stimulates her sympathetic system, which promotes neuromuscular excitation, physical activity (functions related to "fight or flight").

Beatrice, caught in the vortex of multiple worries, overloaded with responsibilities and information, perpetually driven by competitive tension and the dizzying pace of life, is a chronically "sympathicotonic" subject. She doesn't even find any benefit in sleeping because she always wakes up contracted and tense,

already agitated and worried since the morning, sometimes even angry. You often have headaches, nausea and tiredness.

Naturally, Beatrice's constantly alert sympathetic system blocks everything that is not necessary for the immediate emergency reaction: gastric function is therefore inhibited, breathing is accelerated,

controlled contraction of the sphincters, increased heart rate, significantly amplifies the condition of organic acidosis linked to nutrition. Furthermore, the consequent alteration in messages to the hypothalamus creates a short circuit in the endocrine system with hormonal imbalances and continuous production of adrenaline.

Beatrice on Soulpension, after performing conscious breathing, begins to relax and finally slow down her breathing rate, calm her brain rhythms, nervous impulses, and begins to breathe more deeply in a natural way. The headache disappears.

Working with Soulspension induces regular blood flow to all the skin, organs and tissues (when you raise your face it will be visibly relaxed, as if after a night's rest), the cardiac and respiratory rhythm is balanced, the peristaltic movements, aids digestion,

correct hormonal secretion is re-established, bronchial muscle tone increases, blood vessels dilate, blood pressure decreases, muscle relaxation increases, urination is promoted (it is normal to run to the bathroom after the session). Substances that repair tissues, feel-good hormones (endorphins),

substances that carry out an anti-oxidative, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, alkalising, immune action. The rebalancing will be complete when getting up and reactivating the sympathetic system, walking and becoming active again.4) Soulspension and MindfulnessLying on the Soulspension Beatrice breathes,

he carries out circular movements with his arms and legs, his neck, his pelvis. His attention is focused on breathing, while he listens to the tensions in the body, tensions of which he becomes aware. He begins to understand the deep connections of parts of the body with areas that he didn't even imagine were connected.

Beatrice is used to not listening to her body, not entering it, so as not to even notice the state of tension, rigidity of her muscles, but by using Soulspension, she brings her attention to the body and finally begins to feel that the muscles are inflamed and painful. Go and look for beneficial stretches of the muscles,

letting tensions dissolve through breathing, freeing the muscles from the heaviness of contractions, freeing the vertebral joints. These liberations are accompanied by a positive pain, which significantly decreases until it disappears. And while all this is happening... where is the mind when the body moves? Here,

that Beatrice's mind now inhabits her body, a great calm pervades her, there is no past, there is no future, only the present, only the sensations or emotions of the moment. Beatrice is practicing Mindfulness with Soulspension . All her thoughts have calmed down, what remains is the awareness that comes from paying attention to the present moment,

intentionally and without judgment. Awareness is not synonymous with relaxation and it is not even a philosophy: it is a way of being that implies constantly being in relationship with oneself and with the world and accepting what is there, whether it is discomfort, suffering, passion or pleasure.

To enter the state of body awareness it is also possible to do visualizations with or without music and even without making any movement. The abandoned body resting on the Soulspension is subject to the force of gravity and feels the pressure of the instrument on the lateral bands and on the back of the neck, inducing proprioceptive listening.

Immediate help to enter the meditative state first can be taken: Lemon (Italian Remedies - Flos Animi) for presence, concentration, Rhododendron (Italian Remedies - Flos Animi) to interrupt incessant thoughts, brooding, agitation mental and enter a state of calm.

And again, CK6 (Italian Fons Animi Remedies) helps to have clear and distinct perceptions, thanks to which one can review convictions, beliefs, values ​​and correct them, if necessary. With the vibrational contribution of this remedy, the personality is able to align itself with the higher Force, so the emotion becomes centered,

energies multiply, become purer, more correct and consciousness amplifies. Thanks to the remedy, intuition becomes certain and operational, responses to situations are the most appropriate and reactivity no longer finds space. Beatrice gets up and starts walking. She took care of herself, with love and kindness,

he welcomed his tensions and his abandonment, his emotions. She feels different now from when she entered, she feels calm and centered, her mind is clear: her body moves with fluidity and ease, her face is relaxed, luminous, as if she had slept. She will bring this new posture to the world,

a new attention towards herself and her body, the ability to adapt to variations in internal and external circumstances and a new energy with which she will be able to face any type of situation and relationship. Thanks to Patrizia Gavoni and her Soulpension I have a very effective and fundamental for my work and also for myself,

because since I have been using it it has become the place where I recharge my mind and body.

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