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My story

Maria Patrizia Gavoni is the creative mind behind SoulSpension, the device that revolutionized the concept of well-being. Born with a passion for research and experimentation, Maria Patrizia has dedicated years to developing solutions aimed at improving people's physical and mental well-being.
His career is punctuated by a continuous search for answers and solutions, driven by the desire to create a unique and revolutionary instrument. Thanks to his dedication he gave birth to SoulSpension, a device that has already helped many people transform their lives.
Creative mind and leader in the wellness sector. As CEO of Soulpension, he leads his team with passion and determination, inspiring himself to constantly innovate who he is.

His philosophy is simple but powerful: well-being is within everyone's reach and SoulSpension is your gateway to a world of balance and serenity. With her experience and passion, Maria Patrizia continues to shape the future of well-being, a curious and determined soul looking for increasingly effective solutions for the body, mind and emotions.
Born to a cellist mother and an adventurous father, she grew up immersed in culture and art thanks to frequent family travel and her constant search for knowledge.

After studying acting in Rome, he took the big step of moving to the United States in 1976, living in cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Key West, Florida. Amid the hustle and bustle of New York, she worked in the fashion industry and frequented Actor Studios, but also experienced burnout at just 23, realizing that life was all about "doing."
The change came when she moved to Hawaii, where she began to immerse herself in the ancient Hawaiian healing tradition and learned LomiLomiNui, an ancient Hawaiian massage, and the Kauna life philosophy, OponoPono. This experience marked the beginning of his journey as a holistic therapist.

Returning to Europe in the 1980s, she continued her education through the study of Bioenergetics, Yoga, Transpersonal Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Transformative Mindfulness, along with eleven years of study in the Gurdjieff school. These years of research, study and practice have laid the foundations for the innovative SoulSpension tool and the Postural Suspension method.

SoulSpension was born from the need to find an effective solution for physical and mental well-being. Her personal experience led her to develop a device that could act directly on the back, decompress the diaphragm and regenerate the paravertebral muscles.
Its current mission is to guide people towards a practical and concrete approach to taking care of themselves in an often frenetic world. In addition to using SoulSpension to improve their lives, Maria Patrizia shares the method through certified training courses, allowing health professionals, including doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, holistic practitioners and psychologists, to use it to support their clients and patients.

Today SoulSpension has become a travel companion for many people, bringing moments of harmony and relaxation and contributing to general well-being. Maria Patrizia Gavoni is recognized for her passion for improving people's lives through her unique tool and knowledge in the field of holistic wellness.


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