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Soulpension and aesthetics, beauty starts from within


Qualified beautician and teacher at the Ial Marche school. Telephone: 339 4548841 Sassoferrato province of Ancona

My encounter with this "magical" tool which is Soulspention was shocking to say the least!

My name is Claudia and I have been a beautician for about 30 years, I also work in a school as an aesthetics teacher and let's say that wellbeing has always been my great passion!

Two years ago, I went to Urbino to Biosalus, organized every year by the School of Naturopathy of Urbino, an interesting event dedicated to well-being, I was really at a moment in my life of great physical and mental tiredness.

I wanted to go to get away for a bit and dedicate myself to what I like at least for a day: I never imagined meeting a special person like Patrizia and above all that Soulspension would forcefully become part of my life!

I found myself through a series of "coincidences" in front of the Suolpension stand while Patrizia demonstrated the use of the instrument.

I then decided to try it too, curious about what was new to me and attracted by the "strangeness" of that object.

Before getting on the bed Patrizia asked me a few questions about my health and then invited me to lie down on the instrument.

After about 15 minutes of deep breaths and some simple exercises I got off the bed and exclaimed smiling: "WOW"!!!

I felt completely different, shoulders open, back straight, the support of my feet had changed, my face was very relaxed and I felt a general sensation of well-being that I hadn't experienced in this way for a long, long time and above all I achieved in such a short time.

I was really very impressed, and my mind began to imagine the use of this tool also in the field of aesthetics, an absolute novelty!

I then stopped to talk about it with Patrizia and the ideas flowed abundantly.

I immediately purchased Soulspension and started practicing it at home with great benefits at all levels, my periodic contractures and pain were increasingly milder and when they appeared I just had to lie down on the instrument and they gradually went away without the need to take drugs.< /p>

The more relaxed mind, the deeper breathing and the increased awareness of my body which led me more and more to choose what was truly right in that moment. Certain of the power of the tool, I began training for teachers, discovering many other uses, values and actions that occur by practicing it.

So my unexpected and exciting adventure with Soulspension and Postural Suspension began!

I have already said that I am a beautician, but let's say that more than basic aesthetics (make-up, manicure, etc.) I immediately loved and preferred the idea of transmitting well-being in a more complete and global way to the person rather than treating exclusively the external appearance; I noticed that by arousing a state of well-being, people were also more beautiful.

I have experimented with many techniques and treatments over my 30 years of experience, but still I was always missing something to complete the work.

I realized that I was unable to work on more subtle and profound aspects linked to the emotional sphere, breathing, the mental state, convinced that to achieve true well-being and beauty it was necessary to treat those too. But how???

Unfortunately, in our society the rhythms are increasingly stressful, we run after time that passes quickly, full of commitments and daily tasks which in the days, months and years make us completely lose contact with ourselves, our body and ability to truly feel and choose what is right for us.

We no longer have the perception of what our real needs really are, so much so that we do not notice the signals that the body sends us to warn us of what is happening, until we get sick.

This continuous stress, generalized and prolonged over time, causes a production of adrenaline and cortisol which puts our organism to the test.

Adrenaline is a hormone that, once secreted and released into the bloodstream, accelerates the heart rate, narrows the caliber of the blood vessels, dilates the bronchial airways and enhances physical performance; essentially, therefore, adrenaline improves the reactivity of the organism, preparing it in a very short time for the so-called "fight or flight" reaction.

While the release of adrenaline in a short period of time can make us feel good, prolonged over time can have negative effects because its presence in the body is not limited to 3 or 5 minutes, but sometimes lasts for days.

So here come the negative effects such as muscle pain, headaches, anxiety, tachycardia.

It slows down digestion and bowel movements, because it is essential that all our energy is concentrated on the muscles.

Working with Postural Suspension stabilizes the production of adrenaline because the body relaxes and calms down.

The production of adrenaline is also favored by another hormone, cortisol.

Cortisol is a steroid-type hormone produced by the cortical part of the adrenal glands.

It is often called the "stress hormone" because its production increases, precisely, in conditions of significant and prolonged psycho-physical stress, for example after extremely intense and prolonged physical exercise, surgery or incorrect eating habits, inability to stop, etc....

Cortisol, among other things, strongly promotes the formation of adipocytes, adipose tissue cells.

It also promotes the onset of hypertension, hirsutism and alopecia, obesity, stretch marks, muscle weakness, changes in the menstrual cycle, decreased libido, edema, recurrent infections, thinning of the skin, depression, acne, loss of mass, capillary fragility .

Unfortunately today most people produce too much cortisol and adrenaline and too few endorphins with all the consequences described above.

Breathing also becomes short and labored, causing a series of problems for our body which involve the lungs, posture, poor elimination of toxins, a contracted diaphragm etc...

When Postural Suspension is practiced regularly on Soulspension, these problems reduce their strength and the increase in awareness of our body allows us to feel our needs better and therefore to satisfy them, for example by choosing healthier foods or abandoning them without effort habits that are harmful to our body!

Endorphins, on the other hand, are chemical substances produced by the brain and equipped with a powerful analgesic and exciting activity, therefore they have the ability to give us pleasure, gratification and happiness, helping us to tolerate stress better.

Together with hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, these substances make us feel good, therefore, the more their production increases with the constant practice of Soulspension, the more we will obtain a consequent increase in well-being and health.

This is why after postural suspension sessions the facial expression is relaxed, serene and the smile arises spontaneously!!

The importance of breathing

You can go without breathing for only 3 minutes, before risking serious brain damage which leads to a progressive collapse of vital systems up to physical death.

19,200 times more vital than eating, 1440 times more vital than drinking, 960 times more vital than sleeping.

We literally starve our body made up of "lit" cells of oxygen. and we leave them no alternative but to "shut down".

In fact, there is no need to put an anti-cellulite cream on a mass of cells that have not been "breathing" for some time now. more, or an anti-wrinkle cream on an epithelium of cells that have dried up because they are "extinguished", or even less take laxative drugs to promote the activity of a few meters of intestine, made up of "oxygen-hungry" cells; which do not have enough energy for peristalsis.

Breathing therefore serves to keep the body "lit" the cells of our body and their metabolic functionality.

75% of the toxins we discharge from the body pass through exhalation.

If I don't breathe properly, I literally poison my system, and the consequences are very unpleasant.

When we block our breathing we substantially decrease the level of detoxification of our body and, consequently, increase the level of intoxication of our vital system

The first of the 5 principles of the postural suspension method with Soulspension is precisely the natural and deep breathing that accompanies each movement and which occurs for the entire duration of the session. We can therefore imagine the great benefit that our body receives just by lying on the instrument and breathing!

The emotional aspect is also very important, it strongly influences and interferes with our entire body.

From the moment we were conceived we begin to feel our mother's emotions, from that moment on we accumulate a series of "emotional waste" ranging from criticism from teachers, to scolding from parents, to the sense of guilt generated by impositions or rules that we don't agree with, to derision in the group of friends, to rejection in love, and so on.

Each of these unprocessed emotional experiences (understandably considered by us to be unpleasant, negative) remain literally "prisoners" in the body. To keep this emotional waste suppressed we need to use a lot of energy.

The Breath allows this waste to dissolve and emerge and to free itself from the prison of the physical body.

When they are released they can be decidedly annoying, but they leave a new space to be filled with positive emotions and vitality.

Furthermore, all the energy that we had to engage and use to keep that waste at bay is now available to the system again and, therefore, we are able to re-integrate that energy that we need, for example, to have fun on Saturday evening, after a week of work, instead of being exhausted on the sofa regretting our youth.

An important objective therefore of working with Soulspension is (re-) INTEGRATING ENERGY.

Let's imagine that our life is a wonderful apartment with 100 square meters of walkable space. When we are born it is empty or, at worst, there is a family piece of furniture or a painting that cannot be given up for anything in the world. Basically our life is like a spacious and empty apartment.

As we continue through life, we come home with some plastic bags that contain negative emotions that we are unable to process and integrate because we were not taught to do so. And because we believe it is painful or at least annoying to do so.

These "bags" full of emotional rubbish, they are hidden at first in the distant and little-used corners of the house and then, as time progresses, they begin to fill the vital and walkable spaces of our lives until leaving us (often by the age of twenty) only miserable trenches, among the bags of emotional rubbish, to survive in our lives.

Every time we do a Postural Suspension session, we allow these bags to be thrown into a bin, kindly offered by Emotional Urban Cleaning, and to free up and clean up ever larger spaces in the home of our lives.

The reward of this cleaning is a more complete and pleasant perception of our life and living spaces in this large house that was assigned to us at birth.

Breath makes us remember who we really are, where we chose to be born in this life and why.

The bad news is that our way of living and thinking strongly affects the way we breathe.

The good news is instead summarized in these few lines by Deepak Chopra: "Every change in our mental states is reflected in the breath and then in the body. This phenomenon also works in reverse: by changing the breathing patterns, the emotional state is also modified in the same way.

With this one can better understand the revolutionary impact of Soulpension on a person's life! There is no longer any need to process "mentally" a matter: just breathe properly on Soulspension and the matter is transformed to another level.

Great news in the search for internal (and external) well-being!

The lymphatic system & the breath

Jack Shields, endocrinologist, conducted a study on the effects of breathing on the lymphatic system.

Using microcameras inside the body, he discovered that deep diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the cleansing of the lymphatic system: it creates a vacuum effect that sucks the lymph into the venous flow.

In this way the elimination of toxins increases up to 15 times.

Having said this, I can affirm that the external beauty so coveted by today's society truly begins from within!

By practicing postural suspension regularly you will have benefits on the tissues which, being more oxygenated, will begin to function better, exchanges will take place without obstacles and we will have a notable antioxidant and anti-aging action which will rejuvenate our cells, giving brightness and body to the tissues, thus making our skin more beautiful, the liquids will flow more easily and if the blood and lymphatic circulation do their duty, all the blemishes (cellulite, water retention, heaviness in the limbs, stretch marks) will also improve considerably!

Soulspension, having a relaxing action on the connective tissue, also improves posture (often the cause of blemishes) and enhances all the beneficial effects described.

The organs will function more fluidly and the nervous, endocrine and immune systems will also be regenerated.

The spine will be aligned and therefore the whole body will benefit.

And as my teacher Patrizia says: 'by working in the center we free the periphery.'

The most interesting aspect regarding my almost thirty years of experience in the aesthetic field is that of being able to work simultaneously on the body, mind and soul, dissolving blocks and also reducing pain of various origins as well as making the person more beautiful and enhance all the treatments in which I apply it!

Presence while working on Soulspension allows us to increase our awareness of the body, conveying attention and energy to those almost forgotten areas.

The state of well-being caused (the increase in the production of endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, the so-called happiness hormones) completely changes the state of the person and we bring this centering (new energy, creativity and positivity) into the everyday life, at work, in interpersonal relationships with truly important effects on improving the quality of life.

Well, what I was missing in my job is precisely this, working 360 degrees on the person!

Today, unlike in past years, it has been proven with neuroscience and PNEI how the mind, emotions and state of mind positively or negatively influence the body, making it healthy or not...

This was the real and exciting discovery for me: I can finally go where I wasn't allowed before!

It all started with direct experience which is always the most effective and explanatory when you want to understand something well and today I can affirm that even in the aesthetic field the postural suspension on Soulspension is a winning weapon!

Now I am studying the various application methods that can be integrated into aesthetic treatments, as well as using this tool alone and every time I discover something new and positive.

Every time an unexpected journey into the body...

This gives me new stimuli, truly remarkable job satisfaction and it excites me to discover what I can do with this magical tool that is Soulspension.

I feel like adding a reflection: while I was working on my thesis we entered a very particular historical period, that of Covid-19 which forced us home for a long time, putting all of humanity to the test. The reflections and considerations that could be made in this regard are countless, but what I feel like writing is how much the experience I had with Soulspension and Postural Suspension helped me not to lose the center of myself, to keep my body elastic and above all to be able to release the inevitably accumulated tensions and be able to recharge myself with positive energy to face the long days at home. Letting go and accepting this particular situation so as not to be overwhelmed...I was very lucky to have Soulspension with me and I believe it is also a great resource for people who will be able to recover energy and awareness through this experience.

Thank you Patrizia for guiding me in this which is the beginning of a beautiful personal and work journey, to my partner, my children and my parents who have always supported me during my journey making all this possible!< /p>

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