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Effectiveness of Soulspension in fascia lesions

Maria Grazia Monte

Naturopath (certified professional law n.4/2013 – FAC register n.139) Authorized SoulSpension® instructor Receives in Squinzano (LE) Cell. 370 302 3455

My name is Grazia and I work as a Naturopath in the province of Lecce.

While I was walking with my partner, also a Naturopath, at SANA 2020 in Bologna, our attention was drawn to a stand full of unusual colored instruments with the singular name "SoulSpension". ;.

Intrigued, we ask for explanations and information from a beautiful lady with a friendly and radiant face: Patrizia Gavoni, the creator of this practice and the inventor of the instrument.

He briefly explains what it is and urges me to try it. Accompanied by her instructions, I lie down on the instrument and perform movements and breathing as she suggested. It may have taken 15 minutes but it was enough to understand the effectiveness of the SoulSpension practice.

The feeling of well-being was immediate, total relaxation pervaded my mind and body: I felt all the tension and stiffness melting away, a very pleasant warmth in my legs and a great desire to free myself from the fears and worries that had accompanied me recently.

Once I returned to Lecce I called Patrizia and decided to attend her school to become a SoulSpension teacher.

An experience that helped me personally to recover psycho-physical well-being through daily practice but also professionally, obtaining surprising results, both with individual Postural Suspension treatments and with group sessions on the SoulSpension tool.

So, after my professional training, I produce this thesis at the conclusion of a wonderful journey of growth and enrichment.

The tool allows you to free your back, open your diaphragm, rebalance your posture, manage stress better but my intent is to demonstrate, through real testimonies, the validity and the effectiveness of SoulSpension also in the recovery of post-surgery injuries.


The connective tissue represents 70% of the tissues of the human body. It connects and communicates with all organs and has physical, chemical, biological and structural properties that make it able to wire all the cells of the organism, uniting them in a continuum.

In particular, this function is performed by that part of the connective tissue which is called fascia and which constitutes a unique enveloping membrane that contains each organ, providing it with structure.

This connective tissue occupies such a vital and important place in the general physiology of the human body that no healing is possible and no remedy can be effective if this structure is not acted upon by rebalancing it .

It occupies almost all the spaces left free by other tissues, thus insinuating itself into every body area.

But the most important characteristic of the fascia is constituted by the fact that the fibers that compose it are in turn composed of fibrils organized in regular bundles, in such a way as to assume a property of liquid crystals that is fundamental for understanding the effectiveness of SoulSpension: semi-conductivity.

The connective then transforms the pressure waves used in the practice of SoulSpension, starting from the contact and pressure of the instrument on the skin, into piezoelectric current and electromagnetic waves and transfers them reaching down to the most hidden particles of the body with total benefit and on different levels.

Through the stimuli that the SoulSpension practice uses (pressure and compression, appropriate movements, perception of the self, inhalation of appropriately chosen essences, conscious breathing) the structure of the cell is influenced by all this information that comes from its external environment and which propagates through the connective tissue.

What we act on is not simply the skin, the muscles, the sense of smell, etc. but the entire interconnected organism.

We therefore understand the vital importance of the integrity of the fascia in the proper functioning of an organism and in carrying out any physiological function.

The lesion of a structure, a cut of the connective tissues, damage to the fascia affects this very important function of connection and exchange of information between body systems with understandable repercussions also on an emotional level.

If these tissues (skin, blood and lymphatic vessels, nerves, muscles, membranes, etc.) are not supported and stimulated in their process of restoring functionality, they can lead over time to an inflammatory state that is not only local but also systemic (focus) with negative effects also on mood.

I am a 63 year old lady.

About 4 years ago I started experiencing severe shoulder pain. The ultrasound showed signs of enthesopathy of the supraspinatus with intersectional calcifications in the left shoulder; degenerative tendinopathy with calcifications of the supraspinatus in the right shoulder.

On the advice of the physiatrist I underwent shock waves, infiltrations with hyaluronic acid and cortisone.

After 5 months of treatment I have seen no improvements.

Meanwhile, the shoulder pain increased over the years and has worsened since January last year, especially after a lobectomy on the left lung.

Furthermore, I also have postural problems due to pes cavus, scoliosis, disc protrusions, hip arthritis and neck pain.

Since January of this year I have started treatments on the SoulSpension tool at the studio of the naturopath Maria Grazia Monte, accompanied by massages and moxibustion which I had already been doing weekly for some time.

Today, after a few months, I am seeing notable improvements both in my left shoulder, in the muscle where there is the scar from the surgery, and in my back and hips.< /span>

I am very satisfied with having started the SoulSpension practice and I hope to solve my problems even better.


In the case mentioned above it was not necessary to treat the various ailments of the person individually but it was enough to frame them in a holistic perspective which undoubtedly is that of the practice of SoulSpension.

Apparently different tissues located in distant body areas (superficial and deep thoracic fascia, hip joint, tendons of the scapulohumeral joints, intervertebral discs, thoracic diaphragm) have obtained a benefit simultaneously with the use of the SoulSpension tool and the practice of Postural Suspension, accompanied by Moxibustion and Chinese Massage techniques that I usually practice in the studio.

There are vessels and nerves that penetrate the head from the head into the thorax, crossing the anterior and posterior scalene muscles and heading towards the upper limbs.

Therefore it is easily understandable how a fascial lesion due to lung surgery has further aggravated an already precarious musculoskeletal situation (tendons of the joints of the upper limbs, spinal column in its totality, etc.)

Using a real lengthening of the superficial and deep bands, a mechanism for restoring elasticity was thus triggered, accompanied by all the benefits that also manifested themselves in cascade in adjacent tissues, but also in other areas: such as improving mood and sleep quality.


The functions of the connective tissue are not limited to the task of connection, communication and containment of the various districts but also performs functions of hydration, exchange, elimination of toxins and immunological defense .

Stores excess toxins from metabolic waste which are then drained into the lymphatic system.

Through the execution of adequate "squeezing" movements of the fascia, the metabolic aspect is also affected by the practice of SoulSpension.

Among the objectives there is also that of restoring a correct metabolism for a re-establishment of physical and mental fitness, because a clean organism acts and thinks in a clean manner.

Precisely because of its importance, the connective tissue must be treated preliminarily and cleared of waste and toxins that compromise its functionality.

The extracellular fluid is home to the nutrients necessary for the cells to maintain and restore their functional activity.

When waste and toxins accumulate considerably in the extracellular fluid, they give rise to phenomena of intoxication and acidification of the blood, joints, muscles, etc.

In this situation any manipulation technique and any remedy cannot work adequately but rather gives rise to a state of malaise confirming that the organism, and more precisely the extracellular matrix (MEC), is so saturated with waste that the cells affected by any stimulation are unable to free themselves from the toxins moved mechanically and/or biochemically.

A healthy and balanced diet facilitates the good healing of fascial lesions, therefore carbohydrates provided by cereals and legumes must not be missing to allow the proliferation and activity of fibroblasts , the proteins of legumes, meat and fish as long as they are of good quality to induce the synthesis of collagen and the lipids coming from oil seeds and fish to obtain those bricks that form the cell membrane and the epithelial tissue.

The intake of water in adequate quantities is fundamental to allow numerous vital functions and to keep the interstitial fluid and the ECM clean, lots of fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables for guarantee the vitamins and minerals necessary for the repair processes of damaged tissues.

The practice of SoulSpension with its basic instrument and a whole series of accessories facilitates the liberation from toxins, the cleaning of the matrix and the extracellular fluid and the reactivation of metabolism by applying movements, including respiratory movements, which positively influence both the electromagnetic field and the composition of the liquid in which the cells are immersed.

Combining deep and conscious breathing provides a greater quantity of oxygen, thus promoting tissue detoxification and total psycho-physical relaxation.

My name is Amelia, I am a fifty-five year old woman and I will briefly tell you about my approach to SoulSpension.

I have various joint problems: femoroacetabular coxoarthrosis, L5 L5S1 discopathy with vertebral edema, tissue adhesion due to a previous operation on the saphenous vein with multiple cuts along the leg due to complications during the surgery itself.

All of this causes me a lot of pain and stiffness at a musculoskeletal level.

The naturopath Monte proposed the practice of SoulSpension to me and I must say that describing it in words does not do it justice.

Having the body in suspension and being guided in the exercises allows you to perceive an immediate sensation of well-being, as the body is not tired, allowing the movements to have natural fluidity and mind feels an immediate sense of well-being, thanks also to correct breathing.

SoulSpension gave me the opportunity to re-know my body with greater awareness because the benefits I derive from it are not ephemeral and momentary but long-term. Amelia

In this second case the scars along the lower limb led not only to a change in posture but also to an impediment of the affected tissues (skin, muscles, lymphatic vessels and blood, nerves) to carry out their task of supplying nourishment and oxygen, draining waste, cellular metabolic exchanges, transmitting motor and sensory impulses.

By applying the technique of detoxification, detachment and squeezing of the entire anterior myofascial chain on the SoulSpension instrument (guided self-treatment in the prone position) the person obtained a re-activation of the system lymphatic system, an increase in blood flow and therefore oxygen and nourishment in areas that are now poorly supplied with blood supply and muscle relaxation in areas where there were now chronic contractures.

The practice of conscious breathing is very important to obtain the expansion of the deep fascia, the use of the force of gravity to which the weight of the body is abandoned in a sort of gentle, gentle self-massage without any force.

The mental benefit comes from the acquisition of the ability to stay within oneself, abandoning thoughts and brooding; this allows a better perception of oneself and one's body in such a way as to clearly feel where there is resistance, annoyance, impediment, pain and learn to let go of tension.

This treatment was accompanied and alternated with Plantar Reflexology meetings and pain-relieving techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine to support a posture decompensated by coxoarthritis and discopathy at the lumbosacral level, disorders apparently not relevant to the saphenectomy operation.

But a limb with numerous small cuts inevitably affected the plantar support and consequently the structure of the spine and pelvis.

So, once the metabolic exchanges had been restored, especially at the fascial level and in addition to the suggestions for correct nutrition, I recommended a vitamin C supplement for training of collagen (a component substance of connective tissue), vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus for the well-being of bones and, as a connective drainer, Willow to promote joint function in states of localized tension.


There is a close relationship between the skin and the nervous system (they originate from the same embryonic layer) and between the skin point and the underlying blood and lymphatic vessels, which conduct stimuli to action extended and general to the entire organism.

Our skin is a real organ that covers the external surface of the body, but which in reality also continues inside in the form of mucosa covering the entire system gastrointestinal, bronchopulmonary and urogenital as well as fulfilling the very important task of eliminating toxins.

And' composed of: epidermis which is the most superficial layer, and dermis which is a layer of subcutaneous connective tissue which forms a whole with the superficial fascia (hypodermis).

The superficial fascia insinuates itself into the muscles, connecting the dermis with the deep fascia and thus allowing the tight connection between the skin and the myofascial system.

Just as the fascia supports the muscles in movement and in the application of force, it also allows the reception of stimuli for the sensorimotor balance of the body; its relationship with the nervous system is so close that it makes the myofascial system the largest body perception apparatus.

Proprioception is the ability to feel the position, orientation and movement of one's body but also to perceive its shape and the presence of all the parts that make up.

This is a property of the myofascia determined by the ability of the connective tissue and muscles to undergo mechanical tension.

Proprioception therefore also allows the recognition of one's own body, body image and the formation of a body schema; the body schema is the result of a series of unconscious processes that regulate movements and postures intended for action while the body image is determined by beliefs, emotions and knowledge relating to one's body intended for perception. Body schema and body image interact with each other to ensure that the mind perceives and acts.

The SoulSpension tool with appropriate movements allows you to practically apply mechanical stimulation through pressure, compression, stretching, twisting in a slow and delicate manner, stimulating thus proprioception.

This is also linked to the central and autonomic nervous system: the impossibility of reacting to a strong trauma (accident, surgery, discovery of an irreversible disease) prevents activation of the vagus nerve due to an inadequate reaction to stress, such a situation can cause a split in the experience whereby bodily sensations and emotions are stored separately from each other.

My name is Silvia and I suffer from cystic fibrosis, a pathology that has affected the muscles of my shoulders, shoulder blades, pectorals and upper back so as not to overexert myself during breathing, short and accelerated.

In 2017 I underwent a double-lung transplant and, despite a long rehabilitation, my shoulders remained hunched and my diaphragm contracted.

Furthermore, there was the problem of the thoracic muscles underneath the breast, due to the stab wound from the operation which caused me pain and discomfort every time I bent my abdomen forward.

Thanks to the Postural Suspension treatments I have a better back posture, the opening of the shoulder muscles has improved, with consequent deeper breathing and I have almost completely eliminated the painful discomfort of scar tissues in the chest that 'fold over' when I lean forward.

Despite the hint of scoliosis that I had with me since I was a little girl and which forced me to place my feet incorrectly, I improved the general appearance: by lying on the bed I noticed that now almost the entire body rests in a homogeneous and symmetrical way.

The result was a more correct posture, a walk without premature fatigue of the feet and consequently of the entire spine.


In this case, in addition to the precious help of the SoulSpension tool and the practice that accompanies it, I also suggested the use of Flower Therapy.

With the instrument I sent body and mind into suspension in a sort of total reset and then stimulated proprioception with gentle and slow guided movements in the thoracic and dorsal area, accompanied by increasingly wider and deeper breaths to induce an increasingly evident opening of the shoulder girdle.

Among the most appropriate flowers we have chosen together Star of Bethlehem (Bach flowers) and Southern Cross (Australian flowers).

In Floritherapy, the drops prepared with the Star of Bethlehem flower help those who are in a state of anguish due to a trauma of any nature which is still unresolved on an emotional level; usually the person does not want to be consoled and wallows in their own pain.

While the Southern Cross drops help to come out of a situation of victimization (however justified in the case in question) which prevents one from evolving, moving forward and drawing strength from negative experiences.

The practice of SoulSpension has allowed the person to come out of that sort of vicious circle that prevented him from opening up physically but also from expanding inside, thus activating the interaction between body schema and body image.

Using the metabolic, total wiring and proprioception characteristics typical of the fascia, the Postural Suspension treatment manages to alleviate physical trauma such as that of such an important intervention, preceded and accompanied by a very deep emotional trauma, with adequate 'information' both on a purely bodily level (biomechanical stimulation) and on a biochemical level (production of feel-good hormones induced by relaxation techniques).

The gratitude of the people I manage to help with the practice of SoulSpension fills me with joy, being able to give well-being to those who are dissatisfied with their situation on a physical and emotional level is the true objective of my work.

And' the same gratitude I have towards Patrizia who helped me recover a fulfilling lifestyle and improve professionally with her suggestions, her teachings and her incredible idea: a magical tool...

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