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Soulspension, postural-emotional rebalancing

Roberta Strasia

Osteopath D.O.National teaching director di Ginnastica BioPosturale

In the pure concept of what Osteopathy means I thought it appropriate to insert , as a support tool in practice, Soulspension.

Considering that the type of life that each of us leads inevitably leads to an accumulation of stress, now a "social disease", I looked for a practice that could help in osteopathic work but at the same time people could also implement alone at home, in moments to dedicate to yourself.

When we find ourselves in front of an extremely "stiff" person from a physical point of view, with little joint flexibility, we must remember that our emotional life influences our body structure to a great extent.

Our every thought and emotion is reflected in our muscles and joints, and our emotional and physical structures come together to determine who we are and how we act and react.

All our behaviors are expressed through our body structure and it is therefore possible to analyze personality through structural behavior.

When we believe it is inappropriate to express certain feelings we suppress them through a muscular contraction and these contractions are responsible for the inhibition of emotions, this process is called "tension".

This whole premise is fundamental to explain the use of Soulspension in postural-emotional rebalancing.

The constant use of Soulspension is essential to help people rediscover, in an absolutely spontaneous way, their postural and emotional balance.

The work of the tool is powerful but is perceived in a sweet and natural way, and it is very important that people make the change spontaneously, the signals are perceived already from the first meetings and are the yawns, the smiles, the feet falling outwards (as a sign of openness and relaxation), the lowering of the shoulders towards the ground.

Some people let themselves go completely, even tears or laughter may emerge and with them the desire, at the end of the meeting, to share their experience with the teacher or the group.

This is why teacher training is absolutely important.

It is important to know how to lead and facilitate but also when and in what way, to adapt to the group in front of you.

At the end of the meetings the diaphragm opens completely and with it any emotional blocks are removed, sometimes distant memories arise of experiences that contributed to the difficulty in breathing, relaxation and consequently to pain, following incorrect posture.

The form of Soulspension, in a certain sense, "welcomes" the spine, suspends it and gently  the cradle, embracing even our deepest soul.

My personal experience with the use of this tool has created real changes in the lives of many people; For years now I have been holding courses that spread like wildfire among people, they are the practical example of how this tool works.

The classes are mixed, men and women of different ages.

It is truly moving for me to witness the transformation that takes place before my eyes, meeting after meeting, the shyness of the first lessons, where I am with my eyes open, attentive to what I say and their reactions, where they point out every pain that they warn, gives way to total emotional abandonment and changes on a physical and emotional level.

It is always satisfying to observe how, after a few minutes of lying on the instrument, they begin to yawn, close their eyes and let everything happen. Without "doing" nothing.The benefits are also felt in terms of mood, new friendships are created, sharing groups, even and above all between different ages.

The youngest of my students is 17 years old and the oldest is 89, yesterday, at the end of the lesson, they went out to eat pizza together, with their instrument slung over their shoulders swinging between them.

This is the power of Soulspension.

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