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Soulspension Global Wellbeing


Professional Kinesiologist Dan Aikido Federal Teacher FESIK eD.A

SoulSpension (Postural Suspension) is a new, innovative method, which I discovered and immediately put into practice in order to see first-hand the results it can offer; It was a surprise to discover that it is a truly complete method that works in a global and profound way on the psycho-physical-emotional well-being of the person.

Working with Postural Suspension

SoulSpension allows the person to stop, to dedicate time to themselves, and this in itself is not at all a given in the frenetic world in which we live.

The person is led to listen to himself, feel and know himself, through breathing, through the perception of his own sensations, cultivating awareness, relaxation and equanimity.

Postural Suspension gently accompanies the person to a profound knowledge of their body and to a new awareness, through harmonious movements guided by the breath, a breath that will be slow, spontaneous , profound and complete, in the search for homogeneity and integration of the movement.

SoulSpension gives a notable improvement in posture, the nervous system relaxes, breathing becomes wider, lung capacity improves, as well as circulation, intestinal functions, lymphatic drainage and the immune system; the organs are more oxygenated, you feel more balanced, your level of attention improves and you feel more ready to face life's difficulties, anxiety is reduced, you see things more clearly and sensations increase of peace and happiness.

Let's not forget that what is externally visible is simply the reflection of what happens inside, the result is a more youthful appearance compared to other people, and this the creator of this extraordinary method, Patrizia Gavoni, is clear testimony to this.

SoulSpension and the concept of fluidity

Soulpension proves to be a fundamental technique that helps maintain body fluidity and promotes the flow of liquids necessary for life.

The human body is approximately 80% composed of fluid substance.

In nature, waves represent transmission systems for vibratory phenomena and the same happens in the human body.

Fluidity therefore represents a peculiarity of man which is fully considered and respected in this type of approach and practice, through movement and through gentle pressures that are exerted on energy meridians and in correspondence with the organs themselves.

All this undoubtedly leads to countless benefits that are activated both at the level of blood and lymph circulation and for the organs themselves, in fact a natural process takes place that helps to drain the tissues and eliminate toxins.

Soul Spension allows the person to purify their organism, but not only that, as it allows you to release toxins as well as physical and mental ones and to work globally on the entire system body mind.

The softness, the fluidity that Soul Spending brings back into fashion as a principle, lead back to the universal laws of nature itself.

The sweet and continuous flow of the movements performed allows the person to acquire the concept of softness and fluidity, and to keep these concepts alive even in everyday life.< /span>

In this way the vision of the person becomes a global vision that is not limited to body care, but goes far beyond; this type of technique in fact allows the flow of information that accompanies the person to progress on a physical level but also on a mental and spiritual level. It is a path that aims to achieve a harmony that connects life to mysticism and marvelous grandeur of the Universe.

SoulSpension and PNEI

The study of the relationships between the psyche, nervous system, endocrine system and immune system, or in abbreviated form P.N.E.I, is becoming of great interest for the entire medical research in recent years and scientific.

These new ideas are opening up completely innovative panoramas that announce the transformation of the fragmented way of conceiving the human being, proposing a truly unitary vision of being human and its main internal communication systems.

Recent studies in this field maintain that every nervous, endocrine and immune process is closely connected to the human psyche and the type of life he leads.

Every form of thought, emotion, consciousness and every state of mind is reflected in the physiological state of the person's immune system.

Emotions play a very important role in a person's state of health, so much so that some authors talk about E.P.N.E.I. i.e. emotional, psycho-neuro-endocrine, immune system.

SoulSpension debuts, in this respect, as a new and coherent method with new lines of thought.

SoulSpension acts effectively on the release of tensions, even those tensions deeply rooted in the body, linked to the experiences and emotional world of the person.

Through the pressure that is naturally exerted by the instrument, following appropriate paths thanks to specific body exercises, the muscles expand and the tissues are oxygenated, vital energy flows, flows freely and is reactivated.

When you have this type of openness, that energy blocked at a bodily level to keep impulses and instincts under control is freed and can manifest itself through the release of the emotions associated with it .

This leads to the release of new energy that is reflected in daily life, bringing improvements in the management of stress and anxiety.

The vital energy that is released develops further "backwash waves" on the myofascial chains, thus reflexively opening the different areas of the body.

The cells of the connective tissue recognize movement in its fluidity and send a mechanical response, easing tensions in the deeper areas.

Soul Pension and Connective Tissue

Connective tissue is in every part of our body, we can find it even in the most microscopic layers of the body's structure.

The extracellular matrix is structurally and functionally present in the connective tissue, especially in our entire organism.

In the connective tissue, the extracellular matrix is also defined as the 'fundamental substance', and it is in this specific context that it is more abundant in cells, so much so as to determine the properties of the organ itself.

By combining a small variety of fibers within a matrix that varies from fluid to sticky to solid, connective cells respond to the needs of flexibility and stability, diffusion and barrier .

This means that the connective tissues are given different and important roles through their functions.

The connective tissues form the scaffolding of the organs and are the primary constituents of the skin and bones, this can help us understand how the quantitative and qualitative organization of macromolecules is of their extracellular matrix to determine the type of connective tissue most suitable for the functional requirements of the various organs: the extracellular matrix can calcify, as in bone tissues, where it forms solid structures like rock, or constitute the transparent structure of the cornea, or take on the ;organization that gives tendons their enormous tensile strength.

The conditions of the fibrous part and the fundamental substance of the connective system are partly determined by genetics, partly by environmental factors (nutrition, physical exercise, etc.), protein fibers are in fact capable of modifying itself based on environmental and functional needs.

Thus think about the importance of the work that SoulSpension can offer and how it can positively influence the individual in its various aspects.

SoulSpension and Extracellular Matrix

The extracellular matrix, which is identified in the extracellular space, envelops and hosts the basic system of our organism, providing the chemical-physical environment for all cells.< /span>

Most of the interactions observed between the different body systems occur in the extracellular matrix.

Through the extracellular matrix, each cell knows the activities carried out by every other cell.

The extracellular matrix, thanks to its particular nature as a highly hydrated gel, allows an incessant flow of molecules (nutrients, chemical mediators, drugs and waste substances) between the compartment blood and cellular, facilitating communication between cells and, where applicable, orienting their migration in response to specific stimuli along very specific directions.

Consider that from the studies carried out, the extracellular matrix was found to be even faster in terms of communication than the nervous system; the energetic pathways of the living matrix are prior to those of the nervous system.

The extracellular matrix presents cells of the immune system (leukocytes, macrophages, mast cells, plasma cells), is frequently the place where reactive processes such as inflammation take place and has great reparative capabilities of the areas damaged by inflammation and/or trauma, filling the spaces if necessary.

In most connective tissues the macromolecules of the extracellular matrix (proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans) are produced by fibroblasts, but in some specialized connective tissues, such as cartilage and bone , are secreted by specific fibroblasts, such as chondroblasts and osteoblasts.

If the Extracellular Matrix, as the basic structure of our organism, is damaged by a wound or an infection, the fibroblasts try to repair it, therefore the fibroblasts are responsible for the reconstruction of tissues and play an important role in inflammatory processes.

SoulSpension acts profoundly on the connective tissue and therefore also on the extracellular matrix and consequently on the entire body system, sending information that is stored to ensure that the person can perceive the benefits both physically and mentally.

SoulSpension therefore gives the person sensations of well-being that will accompany them in everyday life, offering clear improvements to their quality of life.

Soul Pension in action

A few months ago I started to propose this method which I consider truly extraordinary, both for group and individual sessions.

In particular, I would like to report below the testimony of Domenico to whom I introduced Soul Spending in an individual session lasting just a few minutes.

Domenico is a holistic operator who has been working on the body for years and his experience has allowed him a precise and detailed description of the sensations perceived.



Thanks to Maria Angela Trotta I was able to experience SoulSpension in a short session of about 30 minutes. Maria Angela's calm and welcoming energy was the fundamental premise that allowed me to grasp the profound nature of this instrument. Without too many words, he was able to create the right space to understand that suspended exercises are not mere physical exercise, but an exploration of the various layers of one's essence.

  • I appreciated the immediate realignment of the head-sacrum axis and in particular the possibility of letting go of the nape of the neck.

  • Very precious (and in my opinion fundamental for a profound realignment) is the proprioceptive activation that SoulSpension allows.

  • The simple exercises proposed by Maria Angela were the ideal bridge that ferried my attention towards a more subtle and interior level.

  • The action of this work on the solar plexus area quickly expanded the breathing, connecting the lower energy centers and giving me a state of tranquility, strength and stability.< /span>

  • Subsequently, when the upper part of SoulSpension was moved from the occipital to the cervical area, I perceived a further descent into the subtlest planes and into the deepest sensations. In that state I received the most precious gift of the session, that is, a sweet opening of the energetic center of the Heart, which was emptied of tensions and "residues", leaving space for Space.

  • The suspension of the legs on the SoulSpension extensions allowed the relaxation of the deep muscles of the pelvis.

  • Through breathing, energy could flow from head to toe harmoniously, naturally regulating body and energy.

  • At the end of the session, once standing I was able to appreciate a wonderful physical and mental alignment, full of interior space; the connection with the Earth and the Sky, the empty Heart at the center and the breath as a vehicle of exchange with the environment.

  • Another important note: the perceptive memory of working with SoulSpension was a valid anchor for maintaining the benefits in the following days.

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