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SoulSpension and Pregnancy

Paola Remonti

Counselor graduated in Integrated Humanistic Gestalt Counseling from the A.S.P.I.C. of Milan, where he currently collaborates, and in Family and Systemic Constellations. He has extensive training in the field of wellness and massage. She conducts Method for Everyone and SoulSpension during pregnancy sessions and courses in Milan.

Often in recent years I have found myself in the wonderful opportunity of accompanying of women in their pregnancy experiences.

My intervention alongside them was given through listening, psychological support and above all through massage. For this reason I had the desire to experience the benefits of SoulSpension with pregnant women.

Gianna, a 42-year-old woman, started using SoulSpension with me in the fifth month of pregnancy. Gianna has been working on the body for years through the study of dance and demonstrates good felt-sense skills. During pregnancy she did not want to practice massage or foot reflexology techniques but we experimented together with the SoulSpension tool alone.

Already after the first meeting Gianna declared that her back felt very lightened. She presented with widespread fatigue in her back and pain in her right lumbar area due to sciatica. The next day he called me to tell me that the pain had faded and that he felt a general feeling of well-being and greater lightness.

She started using SoulSpension more or less every 3/4 days, with satisfaction and declaring that this tool helped her a lot to relax, both physically and mentally, and to find relief when she felt very tired.

In the seventh month of pregnancy she used it daily to find a remedy for the sciatica in the left side that had tormented her since her beloved cat died.

Your experimentation with SoulSpension can be divided into two parts:

1) First phase: fifth-sixth month of pregnancy. When he lay down on SoulSpension he wanted to stay there for a fairly long time (at least 30 minutes), especially in a relaxing position with his feet up.

He varied the exercises, preferring the following:

  • Tilt, various swings and circling of the pelvis both in a lying and sitting position with the sit bones on SoulSpension.

  • Slow movements of the upper limb with the leg raised (one at a time).

  • Rotation and flexion-extension exercises of the arms, connected to breathing, often with feet raised = good rest effectiveness.

  • Relaxation with SoulSpension along one paravertebral at a time to lengthen a hemipart = notable effectiveness on sciatica and lumbar area.

He has experienced that the tool gives good results both before and after physical activity. In fact, when he practiced with SoulSpension before going to the pool he realized that his back was looser while swimming.

Using SoulSpension after the pool or after cleaning the house allowed her to make her life significantly "lighter". the back and legs.

2) Second phase: from the end of the sixth month of < /span>pregnancy.Il his body weight had increased and the supine position had become less pleasant, both for sleeping and on SoulSpension.

So the stay on the instrument from that moment was short (10/15 minutes maximum), since then a sensation of shortness of breath took over. Gianna eliminated the exercises with SoulSpension on one side, not because they were not pleasant but because it had become increasingly tiring to rotate the body, given the size and weight, to move the instrument.

Every now and then he still positioned himself laterally with his buttock on the balls: "loosen up" her gluteal muscles gave her back great relief. What he appreciated very much and what he mainly did was the relaxation position with the legs up, flexed at 90°, with calves and feet resting on the chair or sofa.

He had also maintained the other exercises, which he performed in a "concentrated" knowing you only have a few minutes available. Gianna says she felt the benefits throughout the day.

What continued to surprise her was how the instrument quickly promoted a deep contact with herself and therefore a easing of tensions not only on a physical but also on an emotional and mental level .

Her back, which she normally felt with "pain from excessive effort, as if she had been carrying bags of cement", thanks to SoulSpension could be relaxed and relaxed, giving her back pleasant sensation of lightness.

The baby is born!

Gianna gave birth to a beautiful baby with a cesarean section: the size of the baby was too large to not have allowed a natural birth.

The mother is happy and breastfeeds him. Her back, however, is not in good condition, due to the positions in which she breastfeeds but above all due to the caesarean section. The area around the cut is as if asleep (more or less the sensation of when the dentist gives anesthesia in the mouth) and, lacking strength in the abdomen, or rather in the "centre" of the body, there is a lack of stability and all the weight of the upper part of the body (including the kilos of the newborn) is placed on the lumbar area of the back which therefore always remains under strain.

The body tends to close, the shoulders to fall forward. Due to the scar which is still healing, Gianna will not be able to do any exercises to help her body open up for a long time: neither stretching nor toning exercises. SoulSpension is the lifeline: with very gentle movements Gianna can feel that her back, in contact with the instrument, opens.

Finally a pleasant sensation, in an important moment, in which Gianna emerges from a trauma such as a caesarean section (even the part of the body with the extensive scar is a traumatized part and the whole body responds to this trauma) and at the same time she is required to have all the centering and physical availability to welcome her little one who is totally dependent on her.

ConclusionsFrom the observation of this concrete experience, albeit lasting of a few months, I get some personal impressions that I am going to share.

Certainly in the postpartum phase, where the new mother has neither the time nor the psychological space nor the strength to do physical exercises, SoulSpension can be a precious tool for "re-centering" psychological, after the sometimes shocking experience of childbirth.

And' especially valuable for opening and unloading arms, shoulders, neck and back, which are suddenly put under considerable stress by the "strange" positions of breastfeeding and supporting the newborn for a long time.

In the event of a cesarean section, SoulSpension turns out to be a necessary tool, for the reasons that emerged from Gianna's experience.

Throughout the entire pregnancy period, SoulSpension can prove to be very useful, especially if its use is introduced regularly in the first months, when there is not yet a excessive weight load on the back and chest of pregnant women in the supine position.

This would allow them to become familiar with the tool so that they can adapt it to new needs and problems, as the body changes, without having to suspend its use, exactly like Gianna did.

Precisely because the body of pregnant women undergoes incredible changes, it is important for them to be able to welcome them, without too much disturbance and without "fighting against it".

Together with the Method, SoulSpension is a good tool that connects bodily self-listening to the pleasure of being in the body, pleasure given by relaxation, by the sensations of stretching of the muscle groups, of "lightness" and centering. Therefore it represents an excellent way to welcome the changes in one's body from a heartfelt space.

The most immediate effects on a physical level were well described in the story of Gianna's experience, where the most common symptoms in pregnancy (back fatigue and in particular lumbar area, tendency to sciatica, feeling of general and leg heaviness, great physical tiredness) have been alleviated by the use of SoulSpension.

It also seems that SoulSpension stimulates the movement of liquids and therefore can help to "deflate" those women who tend to swell during pregnancy.

Gianna also underlined how SoulSpension promoted lightening not only of the body but also and above all of the mind.

And' It is useful not to forget that the state of pregnancy is a particular, precious state in which the woman lives as if in an expanded state of awareness. If the woman allowed herself to accommodate the slower rhythms that pregnancy imposes and to open up to a more subtle feeling, she would have the possibility of experiencing a unique and wonderful experience.

In fact, what happens today in our society is that women, even during pregnancy, try to maintain their usual crazy rhythms, they try to "do", not stop unless she collapses exhausted from exhaustion or pain. These are times when we tend to no longer give ourselves permission to stop; when you do it you feel guilty.

Here SoulSpension is transformed into a magical object, which has the "permission" to be used often as it is known to alleviate the physical symptoms of heaviness and back pain, but first of all it contributes to creating that precious "retreat" space. in oneself, of contact and listening to the deepest part of one's being, that of pure consciousness.

From there, rebalancing, harmony and energy recharge are generated. And in that space you can build a more significant contact with the baby you carry in your womb, even before it is born.

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