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SoulSpension and PNEI

Prof. Italbo Fiorini

Clinical Biochemistry Operational Unit – Endocrinology and Toxicology – ASL n.2 Lucca Forensic Toxicologist – Lecturer at the University of Pisa

A fascinating sector of biomedical research is that relating to the identification and characterization of the connections between the three main self-regulation systems of the human organism:

1 – The Nervous System (NS)is based on the communication of information through the production of molecules called "neurotransmitters".

2 – The Endocrine System (ES)is based on communication between the endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary, gonads, etc.) through molecules called "hormones".

3 – The Immune System (IS)deputized for defending the body from the aggression of substances foreign to the organism (viruses, bacteria, etc.) through the use of specialized cells or molecules called " ;cytokines, antibodies" capable of interacting with both the nervous system and the endocrine system.

The integrated self-regulation system was called Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune:

it represents a powerful molecular regulatory network of our organism; in fact the three systems are capable of communicating with each other in a reversible way. The task of this integrated system is to guarantee the individual healthy to survive the presence of changes in both the internal and external environment. Each cell contributes to the survival of the entire organism by maintaining stable conditions for the life of the fluid that bathes them all. Therefore, the integrated system reacts to every external agent that threatens the physical and psychological balance of man through the action of neurotransmitters (SN), hormones (SE), antibodies (SI) to defend both mental and physical balance.

Activities-Action of the SoulSpension tool and Method

Without going into the specifics of the self-regulation mechanisms exposed above, let's evaluate the action of using SoulSpension in activating these three systems to induce physical and mental well-being in the individual who uses it.

1– SoulSpension and neuro-motor effect

The movements and combined breathing carried out in the various exercises on the SoulSpension act by activating the modulation and balance of the muscular and skeletal tissue, improving posture with a consequent spinal realignment and relaxation of the muscle fibres.

2-SoulSpension and effect on the central nervous system

Once again, the movements accompanied by the conscious use of breathing activate the main neurotransmitters, SEROTONIN, DOPAMINE and, among the opioid peptides, ENDORPHIN and it is thanks to the increased secretion of the latter, at the end of the exercises on SoulSpension, you get an effect of tranquility, happiness and ultimately well-being.

3 – SoulSpension and effect on the endocrine system

Through the breathing and the harmonious movements proposed on SoulSpension there is an activation of neurohormones which cascade by activating the main endocrine glands (thyroid, gonads) with a consequent production of hormones including testosterone in men and estrogen in women. women and therefore a benefit is obtained in terms of bone remodeling (defense mechanism against osteoporosis).

4 – SoulSpension and Effect on the Immune System

The immune system, activated by both the endocrine and nervous systems through the production of interlukins, acts on osteoclastic and osteoblastic activity, promoting bone remodelling. Furthermore, with the production of antibodies, infections from pathogens are reduced.

I can therefore confirm that the use of the SoulSpension tool and Postural Suspension over time leads to an increase in mental/physical well-being.

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