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The Postural Suspension Zoom evening course starts this Thursday, January 25th. Registration is open!

Call (+39) 348 354 3096

Focus on:

Recalibrate the Nervous System

Keep the frequencies high

The course will consist of 8 lessons, which will be held on Zoom, every Thursday evening from 9.00 pm to 10.22 pm starting from Thursday 25 January until Thursday 14 March!

total investment

(8 lessons) for those who register immediately: €154.00 (early access)

Bring a Friend: -10% for you!

From Thursday 25 January onwards: €164

You can also participate in individual lessons, at €25 each.

If you don't have the tool, call us! A 15% discount for you.

We're waiting for you!

"If you change the electromagnetic field around the atom, you inevitably change the atom. So if you take the time to transform thoughts from negative to positive, giving rise to a new belief made of unshakable trust in love, you can change the fate of an entire organism. "

Gregg Braden


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