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SoulSpension participates in the BioSalus Festival in Urbino 7 - 8 October

From 7 to 8 October Soulspension participates in the Biosalus Festival in Urbino, the 14th national festival of organic and holistic well-being!

Entrance is free

Come and visit us at the SoulSpension space, you can find us on the first floor of the Collegio Raffaello, in Room 3! Try SoulSpension®️ and discover the benefits of Postural Suspension!

In the space dedicated to us there will be small lessons throughout the day so you can try firsthand the tools and ways in which you can help yourself feel better.

SoulSpension®️ and the practice of Postural Suspension were designed by M. Patrizia Gavoni, Professional Transactional Analytics Counselor.

  • Harmonization of the Sensitive Body

  • Transformative Mindfulness

  • LomiLomiNui operator (trained at the Kahuna school – Hawaii)

  • Student of Gurdjieff's thought

Call for info+39 348 354 3096


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