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Posture and fear, opening the heart - Vicopisano, 12 March at 7.30pm

SoulSpension will be a guest at the Sara Tosi, Naturopath studio

Viale XX Settembre, 21 - Vicopisano

12 March, 7.30pm - Soulspension and Postural Suspension, theoretical-experiential meeting, with Maria Patrizia Gavoni, holistic therapist, transactional analyst, creator and creator of the device and method of Postural Suspension

The use of Soulspension facilitates deep breathing, our great ally to expand on all levels.

The sequences and movements free the connection with the State of Flow, fundamental to accompany us to the Presence and reduce contractions and inflammation in the entire organism.

To register, contact:

(+39) 348 354 3096


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