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Video using Soulpension to practice yoga

A valid support for those who practice Yoga.

A free resource to learn how postural suspension can be a valid aid for those who practice Yoga.


Impediments in practicing Yoga

Many people are forced to give up many asanas due to spinal problems.

Problems related to the spine can prevent the correct performance of many asanas due to pain that prevents you from obtaining and maintaining certain positions.


Simple exercises for great benefits

In the free video on this page we will explain how with Soulspension and a few minutes a day you can be able to practice Yoga without any impediment.

All yoga practices to be carried out in a supine or prone position can find benefit and support from the use of Soulspension.

The Soulspension can be easily inserted as a support in both beginners and advanced work classes, expanding the possibilities of success and effectiveness of the asanas, especially those with greater influence on the aspect of respiratory and diaphragmatic functionality.

Video using Soulpension to practice yoga

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