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Video using Soulspension to practice pilates

Get faster, more rewarding results.

A free resource to learn how postural suspension can be a valid aid for those who practice Pilates.


Effective Pilates Matwork

Matwork is the practice of pilates on the floor on a mat called a Mat.

The benefits of this type of practice are indicated for those who often suffer from back pain or to improve postural problems.

In addition to the physical advantages, there are also mental ones, in fact by regularly practicing Pilates Matwork you achieve a better ability to concentrate, reducing anxiety and stress.


More powerful and effective exercises

In the free video on this page we will explain how with Soulspension you can enhance the benefits of Pilates Matwork.

Soulspension can be an exceptional ally to enhance the effects of the exercises and to facilitate the practitioner's awareness of their core, that is, the strengthening of the central part of the body which supports everything else.

Many matwork exercises, carried out on the Soulspension, become even more powerful and effective with faster and therefore more rewarding results.

Video using Soulspension to practice pilates

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