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Video using Soulpension for those suffering from back pain

Help to relieve your pain in the lumbar and back.

A free resource to learn how postural suspension can be a valid aid for back pain.


The causes of back pain

Back pain, nowadays, has become an almost inseparable albeit unwelcome companion.

Beyond the presence of specific pathologies, today's increasingly sedentary life leads us to assume incorrect positions for several hours a day. At the lumbar level, incorrect sitting posture can be the cause of very disabling problems.

Furthermore, the increase in smart working has also added stress and overload to the dorsal area, which is less and less loose and increasingly subjected to tension.


Simple exercises for great benefits

In the free video on this page we will explain how with Soulspension and a few minutes a day you can reduce your pain in the lower back and back.

Thanks to Soulpension it becomes not only possible but also extremely easy to perform stretching exercises while keeping the entire spine correctly aligned.

With Soulspension, the effectiveness of simple exercises is enhanced which will allow, independently, to lighten the load on the lumbar spine and the tension on the back, without however running risks deriving from positions not correctly maintained during practice.

Video using Soulpension for those suffering from back pain

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