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Video using Soulpension for over 60s

How to achieve a state of physical and mental well-being.

Free video to learn postural suspension and how to best use Soulpension.


The main disorders in old age

With the constantly increasing average age we are faced with an increasingly massive presence of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Disorders that can have different impacts depending on the reference age but above all on the lifestyle followed by the subjects in question.

Many disorders affecting the knees, hips and lumbar spine can evolve, if not appropriately considered, into true pathological forms, with heavy and disabling consequences on the entire organism as well as on individual areas.

As the years pass, we often see an increase in sleep disorders, intestinal function and, especially in women, issues of bone fragility due to osteoporosis.


Simple exercises for great benefits

With Soulpension, you can effectively intervene on all musculoskeletal disorders

Respecting any bone fragility and stimulating even the laziest to perform simple exercises which, thanks to the tool, will be more effective.

You will be able to work on relaxing the diaphragm, helping relaxation and stimulating the internal organs to work more effectively; this will bring benefits to sleep and intestinal regularity.

The Soulspension device also proves to be an excellent ally for those over 60 still in full sporting activity, making the relaxation phases and many stretching exercises pleasant which are often boring but are very effective in prevention.

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Video using Soulpension for over 60s

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