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Video using Soulpension for those who drive long hours

Quickly resolve your lumbar and cervical pain.

A free resource to learn how postural suspension can be a valid aid for pain caused by your work.


Main disorders of those who always drive

The life of those who spend many hours driving for professional reasons is particularly stressful for both the nervous and skeletal muscle systems.

The sitting position, maintained for a long time, is in fact one of the most demanding due to the load to which the lumbar spine is subjected.

The cervical tract is subjected to stress linked to the continuous need for visual control of the road and traffic, with tensive repercussions which are often also reflected in the mandibular tract.


Simple exercises for great benefits

In the free video on this page we will explain how with Soulspension and a few minutes a day you can reduce your stress problems.

In an easy and immediate way, Soulspension allows you to compensate for long hours of sitting both by performing exercises and with simple posture.

With its role as a great facilitator, it also allows those who have little time to dedicate to themselves to carve out an oasis of peace and relaxation in the midst of daily life full of commitments and stress.

Video using Soulpension for those who drive long hours

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