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Soulspension rigid basic model + Extension

We have decided to give you the complete extension tool because this way you can achieve maximum usage performance.

Soulspension is a new patented anatomical device, which can also be used in sports and physiotherapy, which relaxes the paravertebral muscle and nerve bands. It acts on the realignment of the column from the skull to the sacrum, improving posture; produces a rebalancing effect on the entire psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system, with surprising beneficial effects on stress, both physical and mental.

The method, created by Patrizia Gavoni, proposes a combined motor and cognitive approach that leads towards a progressive awareness of one's body and posture.

You can get more information by visiting the overview or see the technical specifications of the device. The extension is a useful item, to be used alone or with the SoulSpension to increase solution points. It becomes a tool in itself that can also be used separately to stimulate different points or to release tension in different parts of the body, under the buttocks, the feet. It can be positioned on the sides of the spinal column, at the different lumbosacral, dorsal and cervical levels both when lying down and in a sitting position.

Soulspension rigid basic model + Extension

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