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On holiday with Postural Suspension, on 30 and 31 March 2024, in the beautiful Carrara location!

On holiday with Postural Suspension, on 30 and 31 March 2024, in the beautiful and bright Carrara headquarters!

We are happy to invite you to our holiday / retreat which will take place at the end of March!

The space for resting and eating is all organised!

Bring your desire for relaxation and your curiosity for a new experience to open your heart... and let it rest, Soulspension are ready here!

What is SoulSpension®️? And how does Postural Suspension work?

Soulspension expands the rib cage, freeing the heart and at the same time acts on the lateral-vertebral muscle chain of the spine (in Traditional Chinese Medicine called the Bladder Meridian) in order to unblock the vertebral discs and free the nerve ganglia that pass through them.

This small instrument uses the weight of the body to compress the lateral-vertebral muscle bands with the effect, as in a harmonious hydraulic system, of facilitating the reabsorption of the lymphatic fluid and consequently rebalancing the organism.

How can SoulSpension help you?

- free your back

- opens the diaphragm

- rebalances the posture

- regenerates the nervous system

Who is the course taught by?

The course is held by M. Patrizia Gavoni, creator of the practice and the instrument

Where and when?

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March, near the Cinque Terre, one of our pearls on the Mediterranean coast.

All classes and workshops provide SoulSpensions for use, and offer new ones for sale.

for info and registration call:

(+39) 348 354 3096

Places are limited!


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