Maria Patrizia Gavoni

  • Wellness Coach, esperta in tecniche anti-stress

  • Counselor Professionista a indirizzo Analitico Transazionale

  • Armonizzazione del Corpo Sensibile

  • Mindfulness Trasformativa

  • Operatore LomiLomiNui (formata alla scuola Kahuna – Hawai)

  • Operatore di Universal Wisdom Education all’

  • Studente del pensiero di Gurdjieff

In 1976, Patrizia journeyed to the United States because of the fashion industry and spent time working in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Key West. After that she had the good fortune to live on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and to meet and study with Kahuna teachers, the spiritual healers of Hawaii.

Patrizia Gavoni Ideatrice di SoulSpension Expand Within

It was there on the island that her training as a holistic therapist began.

She arrived burnt out from her time in chaotic New York where everything was about ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’! Patrizia began to learn and experience the wonderful methods of the ancient Hawaiian healers. Gradually her body began to respond to the magnificent nature of the islands which hugged her and healed her. She decided to leave the fashion industry – but not Hawaii – and embrace the teaching of LomiLomiNui, ancient Hawaiian massage and the wonderful philosophy of life of the Kahunas, called Ho’oponopono.

In the mid-80s she returned to Italy, and continued her spiritual studies… and this never stopped. Her most important influences were Tibetan lamas and physicians, the Kahunas of Hawaii and the Hopi and Lakota elders. She also studied with more contemporary schools of thought: The school of Gurdjieff , Bioenergetics, Yoga (okay this is not exactly a new thing!), Transpersonal Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Transformative Mindfulness.

The idea of SoulSpension and how to use it “came to her” as a synthesis of all these adventures; from the time-honored traditions she has studied, from her personal journey and from interacting with other therapists that are friends and colleagues.

Every time Patrizia looks at SoulSpension she is always reminded of all the women and men that have been her teachers and the wisdom of the people that have welcomed her and enriched her life in countless ways.

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